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Colourpop - Porter, Weenie, Moonwalk & Lunch Money - A fun Christmas Look for Hooded Eyes


Today I am sharing a Colourpop order that I placed back in October that I am just getting around to reviewing. This is my second order from Colourpop. So far, no complaints, TAT was decent, shipping was quick and nothing was damaged. Colourpop has a no return policy, however, I recently found out that if you receive a damaged item, all you have to do is send them a photo and they will send out a replacement.

For those unfamiliar with Colourpop, they have a pretty wide range of products. However, they are most well known for their affordability, liquid lipsticks and cream to powder products (eyeshadows, blush, highlighters, contour).

The cream to powder formula is really cool, it glides on heavily pigmented and it sort of "dries" into a powder so you don't get all the greasy texture, slipping and creasing that are usually prevalent in cream products. Cream products also tend to feel a bit heavy on your lids and the ones that dry properly feel stiff. That is not the case with these, they feel just as light as powder.

However, since they are a cream in the jar, picking it up with a brush is really difficult, they blend just fine once they are on your lid but getting it on the lid is much easier without a brush. For this, most people use their fingers but if you're concerned with contamination you can use those little sponge applicators that come in your drugstore palettes and they work really well (finally, they are good for something!)

So, here we go!
I was aiming to reach outside of my comfort zone with this order, I generally use cool toned colors (I have cool-toned skin) but, warm tones are really trendy this fall with the ABH Modern Renaissance palette becoming so popular. I really loved the way they looked on everyone else so I decided to try it out.

I was not disappointed, they look just fine on me, I still used cool toned colors for my eye contour, check out the look and near the bottom. I do have hooded eyes so that is why I do my makeup a bit differently than other people.

The shadows were great, as usual. However, I did not like the highlighter. It wasn't pale enough for me, it matched my skin tone so it didn't highlight, the shimmer also wasn't very apparent. I'll probably just use it as an eye shadow base or for a highlight base under my brow instead of concealer.

I probably won't try a cream highlighter again, I should have known better because cream products don't work very well on my oily skin, they kind of separate and I just get this greasy film that sits on top of my pores which was the case with this highlighter.

If you're planning to order from Colourpop, I highly recommend you follow their Instagram because they have sales pretty frequently, they are usually sales where you spend $25+ and you get one or two products free for whatever product they are promoting at the time. The first time I got an eyeshadow and the second time I got the highlighter.

For international orders, orders $50 or more ship free until the end of the year or there is a flat rate for $9.99 for orders under $50.

Colourpop - Weenie: $5 USD, - Metallic rose gold.
Colourpop - Porter: $5 USD, - Burgundy/Wine with gold shimmer. Pulls more of a brick/brown on me unless it's over a base/primer.
Colourpop - Moonwalk: $5 USD, - Metallic green/gold that shifts into a warm reddish-brown in indirect light.  
Colourpop - Lunch Money: $8 USD, - Pale neutral gold, champagne-ish?.

Colourpop - L to R, Top: Weenie, Porter, Bottom: Moonwalk, Lunch Money
Colourpop - Weenie, Porter, Moonwalk, Lunch Money
Colourpop - Porter - Eyeshadow
Colourpop - Weenie - - Eyeshadow
Colorpop - Lunch Money - Highlighter
Colourpop - Moonwalk - Eyeshadow
Colourpop - Moonwalk - Eyeshadow
Colourpop - Moonwalk - Eyeshadow

For this look I started with a powder shadow that matched my skintone (Urban Decay - Foxy) over primer. I then swept a beige color slightly darker than my skintone (Urban Decay - Tease) all over my crease and the hollow of my eye, anywhere that was sunken in (on the top lid). Then I defined the crease with a much darker brown (Urban Decay - Snakebite). and blended it into the beige.

I filled in my brows with CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus in Grey Khaki and a bit of Urban Decay - Tease and blended it with a spoolie.

Then, I covered my lid and outer third of my lower lash line with Porter using an eyeshadow sponge and blended it out and added a bit more after blending to bring back the color. I added Weenie on the inner 2/3 of my eye and the middle third of my lower lash line, blending it over Porter.

I then used a black gel liner and tightlined my whole upper lash line and the outer half of my lower lash line and smudged it with the sponge end of a kohl liner pencil. I patted a matte black eyeshadow (Urban Decay - Blackout) over the gel liner to make it darker and more matte as well as to increase wear time.

I then took an angled eyeliner brush and dampened it with a wet wipe and applied Moonwalk in a slight wing, pulling it only halfway across my eyelid so that when my hooded eyes are all the way open you can still see Porter and Weenie on the inner half or else you would only see Moonwalk.

I then used Lunch Money to highlight under the arch of my brow, though in retrospect, I would use my Covergirl Roses palette in Champagne for a stronger highlight.

I then finished by curling my lashes and applying CoverGirl Exact Eyelights Mascara for Hazel Eyes in Black/Gold which is just a black mascara with gold shimmer in it.

Christmas Look - Partially Closed eye so you can see the lid

Christmas Look - Fully Closed eye so you can see the lid

Christmas Look - Open a Normal amount, this is how much of my lid actually shows

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