Saturday, April 30, 2016

Born Pretty Store - Rhinestones, Nail Foil Glue & Shiny Laser Nail Foils

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I'm here today with yet another Born Pretty Store review.This mani was very tedious, it took me forever. I do like the results except for my pointer finger which is pretty sloppy.

I tried using these as regular nail foils since they are called nail foils. They are not made of foil, they are colored iridescent cellophane (like fancy wrap for gift baskets). They don't tear away like nail foils do so you have to cut them. Rather than cut them to the shape of my nail, which probably wouldn't turn out well, I decided to do a shatter mani which seems to be the best use for these. I cut a ton of different triangular shapes.

I painted my nails with Zoya - Happi because the foil was pink with a green/gold sheen to it and Happi is very similar. I then put down a coat of nail foil glue which is well worth it if you're doing nail foils. It dries tacky and stays tacky for a very long time so it gave me a long time to position the pieces. I finished with a top coat and then placed the rhinestones with a tweezers before the top coat was dry. The rhinestones were sent for review but I bought the glue and cellophane on my own.

I couldn't choose which picture I liked better so I used both. :p

Cellophane: Born Pretty Store - 10Pcs Mini Rhinestone Size 1.8mm: $2.95 BornPrettyStore

Rhinestones: Born Pretty Store - Shiny Laser Nail Foils Color #1: $1.95 BornPrettyStore
Glue: Born Pretty Store - 8ml Bottle Nail Foil Glue: $3.12 BornPrettyStore
Base Color: Zoya - Happi: $10 Zoya, $10.99 Nail Polish Canada, $7.95 8ty8beauty
Born Pretty Store - Rhinestones, Nail Foil Glue & Shiny Laser Nail Foils
Born Pretty Store - Rhinestones, Nail Foil Glue & Shiny Laser Nail Foils

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Born Pretty Store - Fish Scale Nail Vinyls

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I'm here today with another review. For this mani I used the Born Pretty Store Fish Scale Nail Vinyls. Now, I have to say, these are definitely not nail vinyls as I probably should have guessed since they were holographic. They are stickers, I had so many problems with trying to get these to work on my nails, I couldn't get them to stick down properly and I burned through 5 of them and every single attempt looked terrible. I think my nails might be a bit too curvy for a flimsy sticker sheet. I realized after using half of them (no longer having enough for a complete manicure) and a 0% success rate that I had to switch strategies. So, I decided to make decals with them instead.

This worked out much better, it was a bit of a hassle but I was able to use 1 single sticker to create 8 decals before it wouldn't stick to the parchment paper anymore.

I laid down my base color and after that dried I got to work on the decals. I took out some parchment paper and stuck the sticker straight on the parchment paper. Then, I used the Born Pretty Store Mini Round Sponge to pick up Up Colors - Verde 360 and sponged a sheer layer down, then I repeated that with Joe Fresh - Ultra violet and did the same thing with both colors once more. That is how I got a speckled look. I pulled up the sticker and then set it in another spot of the parchment paper and gently wiped it with a cotton pad with acetone on it so that I could reuse it. I stuck it down on another spot and did the same thing. By the 8th decal it was barely sticking but it lasted a lot longer than I thought it would. Once they were mostly dry, I put down a top coat and let that dry and pulled them off with a tweezers

Once I completed my decals, I laid down a top coat (you can use a clear coat, I don't have one) and placed the decal on the nail and gently pressed it into place, pressing down a bit harder near the cuticle. Then I used a manicure scissors to snip away the extra and finished with a top coat. I used a brush dipped in acetone to clean up the edges.

So, my advice for these stickers would be to not even bother putting them on your nail (unless you plan on just using them as a sticker), just make decals. Also, I really love the mini round sponges. They provide a nice texture and it comes with a handle to place it in for easy stamping. The best part about it was that I was able to clean them out with acetone afterwards and they are good as new. 

If you place an order with Born Pretty Store, you can use Code: UYG10 to get 10% off.

Nail Stickers: Born Pretty Store - Fish Scale Nail Vinyls: $1.59 BornPrettyStore
Sponges: Born Pretty Store - Mini Round Sponge: $1.99 BornPrettyStore
Base Color: Femme Fatale - Apothecary: $14.30 Color4Nails
Scale Colors: 
Up Colors - Verde 360: $7 Ninja Polish
Joe Fresh - Ultra Violet: $4 Real Canadian Superstore, Loblaws, Joe Fresh

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Born Pretty Store - Starfish & Shell Theme Stamping Plate BP10

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I'm back again with another Born Pretty stamping plate review. Today, I tried gradient stamping. It took some practice but, I think I got it down. I used 3 colors for this, Mundo de Uñas:Spring Green, Aqua (pictured) & Fiji. It took a lot of testing because I was originally trying blending the gradient through scraping but, the lines were too harsh. I starting using a nail art brush to apply the colors to the plate and mix them a bit. I think I might have mixed them a bit too much on some nails but, I was happy with the results. I will do a Mundo de Uñas review soon.

So, for the plate, like the last plate I reviewed, it was etched very well and performed beautifully, I have no complaints. I can't really say much more than that.

As always, if you're planning to place an order with Born Pretty Store, remember you can get 10% off with code: UYG10.

Stamping Plate: Starfish & Shell Theme Stamping Plate BP10: $2.09 BornPrettyStore
Base Color: Quo - Beyond the Sea: $?? Shopper's Drug Mart
Stamping Color: Mundo de Uñas - Spring Green, Aqua & Fiji: $3.50
BPS Clear Jelly Stamper: $2.99 BornPrettyStore

Press Sample from Born Pretty

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Born Pretty Store - BP78 Stamping Plate (Oriental Cherry Theme)

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I was intending to do another post sooner but, I had some mani block and I just could not do a mani that I liked. Today I finally got one that I liked, there are some imperfections that are driving me nuts on it now that I see the closeups but I've scrapped enough manis over the past couple of days that I'll settle for this one :p.

 I have had mixed results with stamping plates that I've gotten from Born Pretty Store, this one seems to be a keeper, my only complaint would be the plastic film glued on the back peels off very quickly and then you have to remove the glue with acetone or it's all sticky but that is a minor problem. The plates I have ordered are either etched really well or really poorly, this one is etched very well and it's very cheap. I believe they have a new set of plates now that are better quality than their plates of the past, they even have cute little sleeves now.

I used China Glaze Too Yacht to Handle as my base color, this is one from my favorite China Glaze collection, the formula is not great and it's a bit of a challenge to work with but it's an amazing color. This was a limited edition collection so you most likely won't find it in store but it's still available on on-line retailers.

The stamping polish used is Mundo de Uñas - Nabu. I have a mixed review coming up for this stamping polishes, there are a lot of pros and cons, I'll get into those on another post. These are ordered online from Mexico.
I used the Born Pretty Store dotting tools from this set with OPI - My Boyfriend Scales Walls (limited edition, have to find it on Amazon/Ebay). This is the part I was not happy with, this was my first time dotting and I will have to work on my technique, lol. My hands are not steady at all which is where I ran into problems, I also applied the top coat too early and they smeared a bit.
I used the BPS Clear Jelly stamper which is my new favorite stamper.

That's all for today, thanks for reading!

If you order from Born Pretty Store you can get 10% off with Code: UYG10

Stamping Plate: Oriental Cherry Theme Nail Art Stamp Plate BP78: $1.99 BornPrettyStore
Base Color: China Glaze - Too Yacht to Handle: $3.25, $8.25 Nail Polish Canada
Stamping Color: Mundo de Uñas - Nabu: $3.50
Dotting Color: OPI - My Boyfriend Scales Walls: Discontinued $9.69 , $12.60
Top Coat: Zoya - MatteVelvet: $11.75 Nail Polish Canada, $10 Zoya
BPS Clear Jelly Stamper: $2.99 BornPrettyStore

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Born Pretty Store Stampers Review & Comparison with Creative Shop Stamper

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Some Items Purchased


I just received another package from Born Pretty store for review. I received the Squishy 4cm Stamper with 2 refill heads. I received the Rectangle White Stamper in a previous press sample. I bought the BP Clear Jelly Stamper & Creative Shop Stamper on my own.

So, with the Canadian exchange rate and shipping I ended up paying $20+ CAD for the Creative Shopper which was commonly touted as the best stamper at the time. I saw a similar looking stamper on Born Pretty Store and since most things are made in China anyway, I figured best case scenario they are an exact knock off, possibly even made by the same manufacturer or worst case scenario it is a horrible knock off and I didn't waste any money anyway. It ended up being somewhere between the two.

It is not a completely fair comparison because my Creative Shop stamper is just over a year old and the BPS stampers are brand new. My Creative Shop didn't work too well at first, it got better with time and more use so that may be the case with the BPS stamper heads as well. Both the Creative Shop stamper and the BPS Squishy stampers come in a metal holder and both the holder and the stamper heads were covered in oil, I simply washed these off with warm water and dish soap in the sink and then they were ready to use.

  • BPS stamper holder is taller than the Creative Shop holder.
  • Creative Shop head is firmer and less sticky (though still very squishy).
  • The pink head is the stickiest and squishiest and performed better than the red and blue heads.
  • The BPS heads all had wrinkles, uneven edges along the bottom and the blue head has a few knicks in the top. This did not seem to affect the stamping at all.
  • The BPS old school stamper picked up the most complete image but is very small and has a strange texture to it. It needed to be primed a lot. This is my least favorite of the stampers.
  • The BPS Clear Jelly stamper picked up the image seemingly equally as well as the Creative Shop stamper with the added bonus of being able to see where I am placing the image. It is much smaller than the 4cm heads but it's still larger than my nails by a long shot.
  • The Creative shop head fits in the BPS holder and the BPS heads fit in the Creative Shop holder despite the size difference.
Creative Shop Stamper: Picks up the image well. Best for very large image transfers and closeup photos but inaccurate placement.
BPS Clear Jelly Stamper: Picks up the image well, best for accurate placement and closeup photos.
BPS Squishy 4cm Stamper: Picks up decently, best price, perfectly fine if you're not taking closeup photos and just doing your nails to go out somewhere.
BPS Practical White Rectangle Stamper: It was good for it's time but there are much better stampers available now. However, I was able to learn and practice stamping with this one just fine.

Winners (tied): BPS Clear Jelly Stamper & Creative Shop Stamper. I would suggest buying either one of these. If cost is no issue, buy both. If cost is an issue, just go with the Clear Jelly Stamper. I do regret not having the original Clear Jelly Stamper for comparison but for me, cost is an issue.  

If you do make a purchase at Born Pretty Store, remember to use Code: UYG10 to get 10% off.

Creative Shop Stamper: $15 Color4Nails and various other re-sellers
BPS Squishy 4cm Stamper w/2 refill heads: $7.99 BornPrettyStore
BPS Clear Jelly Stamper: $2.99 BornPrettyStore
BPS Black Practical Stamper: $2.69 BornPrettyStore

L-R: Creative Shop Stamper, BPS Clear Jelly Stamper, BPS Squishy Stamper, BPS Practical Stamper

Some Items Press Sample
Some Items Purchased

Friday, April 8, 2016

CoverGirl TruNaked eyeshadow palette - Nudes


I'm back again. March was a busy month for me, it was good news and bad news. If you're interested in the personal stuff, it is in the Read More section.

I meant to have this post put out a short time after the Roses and Goldens but as stated below, that did not work as planned. So, the one I am guessing is the most popular, here is CoverGirl TruNaked in Nudes. I swatched Roses and Goldens first because I thought that they were the most unique. I really love all 3 palettes because they are all very flattering on very pale skin as long as I stay away from the darker shades at the end. The Urban Decay palettes as well as others tend to have a lot of darker colors and very few light colors but these have a really great balance of both. As with the others, the formula is surprisingly amazing. They are soft, buttery and blend well. I love the mix of mattes and shimmers. The shimmers look especially fantastic patted on wet as they are below. Champagne is a duplicate color from the Roses palette but, I don't mind because I use it as a highlighter so I use it more frequently than all of the other colors anyway.

Please excuse the huge sticker glue smudge on the cover. I attempted to remove the sticker on the front as I did with the others and it was stubborn and just made a huge ugly smudge. Big mistake. :p

CoverGirl truNAKED eyeshadow palette - Nudes: $12.97(CAD) (9.98 USD), $14.99(CAD) Shoppers Drug Mart, $11.99(USD) Ulta, $12.99(USD) Walgreens / CVS