Friday, May 27, 2016

OPI - My Pal Joey


I have been back from vacation for over a week now. I was finally able to go home and visit my family and move a majority of my belongings up here to Canada. I couldn't bring back all of my nail polish due to weight restrictions on the luggage but, I brought back the ones that I liked the most and left the rest with my niece, she was a very happy girl, she also got most of my makeup that I had left there..

As great as the vacation was, I was REALLY in vacation mode and I did not take care of my nails at all. I was gone for 10 days, I didn't use cuticle oil or do any manicures the whole time I was there. I washed the dishes without gloves and I helped my mom move and I broke pretty much every single nail other than my pinkies and ring fingers. So, I am going to hold off on doing nail art and the indie swatches until I can get my nails back into blogging form.

While I was on vacation, I  got some nail mail from my Nail Polish BFF (NPBFF) Carina from Carinae L'etoile's Polish Stash. She was very generous and gifted me the OPI Hello Kitty collection as well a some gorgeous indies. I will share the Hello Kitty collection now and the indies later (they are really awesome). I also got an ├╝ber mat which I have been wanting for such a long time (I have been using parchment paper for decals). She is a great NPBFF, I met her on EverQuest and I only owned 3 nail polishes when I met her and she showed me her blog. I was interested in getting more into nail polish but I couldn't afford it and she showed me some great online sites to get nail polish cheap (,, and she also sent me a bunch of polishes. That is where my addiction started, I'm not even sure how long ago this was, probably about 8 years ago.

If anyone knows where to get nail polish with a professional discount without needing a license in the Toronto/Scarborough area, please let me know.

Here is My Pal Joey from the OPI Hello Kitty collection, I'm not sure if you can find this collection in stores anymore but, you can for sure find it online. This is a gorgeous blue creme one coater. I used two because I just can't do one coat for some reason. I don't own very many blues, I own a ton of purples, teals and pinks. I'm pretty picky about blues and this is my ideal blue shade. It's vibrant and not washed out. The formula was great.

OPI - My Pal Joey: $3.27 (USD), $10.25 Nail Polish Canada