Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Nyx - Mermaid & Colourpop - Krinkle


Today I am reviewing a couple of products that I picked up in the US while I was on vacation.
I picked up Nyx - Mermaid from the Nyx store in MoA and Colourpop - Krinkle from Both products are available in Canada.

Nyx - Mermaid: $7.99, $5.99 Ulta

I was unaware that there was a Nyx store in Canada since I avoid Eaton Centre now that I live in Toronto as much as I avoided Mall of  America when I lived in Minnesota. However, last time I was there, sure enough, there was a Nyx store. I just popped in for a look but Mermaid caught my eye and I was able to sample it in store and bought it immediately, it was so pretty.

It is sheer enough that you could use it as a pearlescent highlight and it did take a lot of product to build it up to full opacity. I could only build to opacity using a damp brush, which I usually use anyway. I really love the way that it looks when the light hits it.

Nyx is available on or at a Nyx store near you. Shoppers Drug Mart and Ulta (not so limited) also have limited collections.

Colourpop - Krinkle: $5 USD, Discontinued,

Unfortunately, this eyeshadow was discontinued shortly after I bought it. I am not sure why. I also purchased some liquid to matte lipsticks from Colourpop which I have mixed feelings about and will review shortly.

I'm fairly positive that they ship worldwide, I had it shipped to the states just because I could get free shipping on it that way. The shipping to Canada is $10 which isn't too bad.

I really like the eyeshadow, it's a very strange texture, it's like a squishy powder? It's very pigmented because it almost seems like it's not completely dry and you could apply it with your finger but it's definitely not a cream either. I applied this with a damp eyeliner brush and it was opaque in one swipe. I would definitely try more Colourpop shadows in the future.

Colour Pop - Supershock Eyeshadow - Krinkle
Nyx - Prismatic Eyeshadow- Mermaid
Colour Pop - Supershock Eyeshadow - Krinkle
Nyx - Prismatic Eyeshadow- Mermaid

Colour Pop - Supershock Eyeshadow - Krinkle
Nyx - Prismatic Eyeshadow- Mermaid
Glamour Doll Eyes - Makinac

The Look
Nyx Prismatic Eyeshadows in Mermaid on the lid, Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadows in Krinkle as the wing on the outer corner, Glamour Doll Eyes - Makinac on the lower lash line, Smashbox in M5 from the Full Exposure palette in the crease and Femme Fatale - Moonrest under the outer brow.