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      Plastic bottle stripping machine
      [Product introduction]
      It is suitable for separating the label and cap of beverage bottles, mineral water bottles and plastic bottles. The plastic bottle stripping machine is simple in structure, easy to operate and clean in standard stripping. It achieves efficient and accurate, no separation, mechanized, mass stripping processing, fast and convenient, and low in production cost.

      The equipment is applicable to the separation of labels and caps on plastic bottles such as PET mineral water bottles, Coke bottles, green tea bottles, black tea bottles, Wahaha bottles, Yi Bao bottles, Treasure bottles, fruit orange, Dongpeng soft drink bottles, imported bottles, compressed bottles, packaged bottles and so on.

      The marking breaker includes a crushing box and a cutter barrel. A first blade is uniformly installed on the outer wall of the cutter barrel and a second blade is uniformly installed on the inner wall of the crushing box.

      Off the device including separation box, rotating shaft and installed on the suction on the axis of roller, suction roller surface with porosity and suction drum wall set have porosity connected with the cavity layer, the ends of the open cavity layer has a hole, suction roller is set in one side of the suction plate and suction plate through the channel, hole is connected with the cavity layer, described in the separate department, at the bottom of the top all vertical baffle, two baffle respectively located in suction drum directly above and below, left a gap between baffle and suction drum, the plastic pieces to take off the marking machine can realize mechanization of efficient and accurate, without separation, large quantities of non-standard processing.

      The equipment has reasonable structure design, high stability, long life, under the condition of not affecting the rate of off-standard and output unchanged, the bottle mouth does not break, the bottle body does not hurt, the off-standard rate is 99%. The separation rate is as high as 99.5%, and the separated label paper does not contain bottle caps, broken bottles, bottle rings.


      I. The label stripping process is made up of the label shedding cylinder, spindle and the moving knife on the shaft and the fixed knife on the cylinder wall. All carbide tips are adopted. The bottle body will peel the label through the contact between the moving knife and the fixed knife in the process of mechanical advancement.

      Two, separation link, mainly consists of separation box, main fan, auxiliary motor, through the wind separation. High efficiency, energy saving (no need for water), convenience, and easy to machinery daily maintenance. The rejection rate is over 98%.