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I would LOVE to review cosmetic & beauty products! I'm most comfortable with nail polish swatches but I am also comfortable doing makeup swatches. I provide honest and unbiased reviews only. I will accept and try nail art supplies but I have literally no experience using them.

Products for review will have to be shipped to my home address in Canada. I will begin swatching within 1-5 days of receiving the package(I like to get started right away), you can decide whether you would like them all in one post or broken up per product.

Contact Info:
Name: Lauryn Andrade
Facebook: Lauryn Andrade
Instagram: Lauryndesu
Pinterest: Lauryndesu
G +: Lauryn Andrade

Products I will review:
  • Nail Polish/Base Coats/Top Coats
  • Eyeshadows/Eyeliners
  • Blushes
  • Foundations/Concealers (very pale)
  • Primers
  • Jewelry
  • Soaps/Lotions/Scrubs
  • Fragrances/Oils/Perfumes
  • Nail Art Supplies (no experience)

Products I will NOT review:
  • Artificial Nails/Gel Polishes
  • Bronzers (Too pale for bronzer)
  • Tanning Products (I don't tan or use artificial tanning products)
  • Acne Treatments (I will not use anything without benzoyl peroxide)
  • Hair Products (My hair is hopeless and I am no good with hair)
  • Bath Bombs/Bubble Bars (I have a shower stall only, sorry!)
  • Non-Beauty Related Products (snacks, household products, alcohol, weight loss products)
  • Clothing
  • Products from companies with an overwhelming amount of negative reviews regarding customer service/shipping/payment. (Such as Rosewholesale and Sammy Dress)

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